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The mission of the Real Estate Division is to maintain an effective and centralized statewide resource for proactive space management and planning, helping its client agencies to operate optimally in the best office and workspace possible.

House Bill 4236

HB4236 was passed in the 2018 Regular Session of the WV Legislature.  This bill requires that “All property owned or leased by the state shall be accounted for by the state spending unit that owns, leases, or is in possession of the real property.”

The required property information will be compiled in wvOASIS and must be entered by May 31st of each year.  Any agencies that do not report the required property information by July 1st of each year will be reported to both the Governor and Joint Committee on Government and Finance.  After this has been completed, starting in 2019, all spending units will be asked to update their property information by December 30th annually.

2019 Real Property and Lease Report

House Bill 4236

Real Property Accounting Memo

wvOASIS Real Property and Lease Reporting Memo

Instruction Manuals:

Reporting Field Change

Real Estate Division Asset Data Capture Project - Update April 24, 2019

Add a Fixed Asset (FA) Standalone Record for a State Owned Building

Add a Fixed Asset (FA) Standalone Record for Land

Add a Fixed Asset (FA) Standalone Record for Leased Building Space

Add a Fixed Asset (FA) Standalone Record for Rivers, Streams, and Waterways



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